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Mona Albiola

Muay Thai Instructor

Mona has been in the martial arts world for well over a decade. She started off under the tutelage of the world famous Saekson Janjira, where she had the opportunity to study and experience traditional Muay Thai from some of the world's very best. As one of Saekson's original students, she learned Muay Thai in all of its components: culture, technique, and love for the art.During those years she spent at Saeksons, Mona played a pivotal role in managing his gym and fighters, helping them build a system that works and a home for everyone there. She has a vivacious, life-loving personality filled with nothing but love and care for those that cross her path. Out of a desire to create a home, she took her experience, knowledge, and love and opened up Ohana Warrior Gym. It took a lot of guts, especially as a woman in a man's sport, but she did it! Over the last two years, she has built a family of good-hearted, humble-minded people who speak softly, but train passionately. Guided by the principle of giving people a place to belong and always accepting and loving people for who they are, she spearheads the gym as head instructor, manager, and mother to all.


  • 10+ years under the world famous Saekson Janjira.

  • Has studied and experienced Muay Thai straight from the roots.

  • Amazing technical precision.

  • Former Match-Maker for Global Fighting Promotions.

  • Manager of numerous fighters who have made it to the leagues of KOTC (King of the Cage) and Lion Fights Fighting Promotion.

  • Helped train and support top notch fighters who originated in the Dallas area.

"The best workout I have had in years. Every great journey requires a first step and it was an absolute pleasure starting my Muay Thai journey with you guys!!!"

"This is a really great school. The best thing of all, is the people all care. They train hard and push the students, but still joke around and act like a family. Love this place.""

"Great coaches, school, and environment.

I'm hooked!"

"I have had the privilege to train at many gyms across the US both big and small. This one is easily one of the better places I've been to- not only is everyone is super friendly and positive, but the instruction and workout intensity is excellent. I'm down 8 pounds in just a few weeks and getting my old fighting form back. I'm looking forward to improving everyday with the help of Ohana!"

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